Prevent the abandonment of children by:

  • Conducting information campaigns on family planning and sex education
  • Working towards the adoption of a legalization in favor of child victims of sexual abuse
  • Fighting against child labor in order to facilitate their reintegration into their families, and to ensure that they are educated and protected
  • Ensure the protection of human rights of women and children

Assist single mothers in distress by:

  • Operating a centre for counseling of women
  • Create shelters for women
  • Create pilot nurseries for children
  • Open a daycare centre (open 24-7), for children from 41 days to 6 years, in order to maintain the contact with the mother and prevent abandonment of the child and prevent child labor
  • Give pre-and post-natal support to help them keep their babies, as well as listening, medical and psychological support and monitoring in administrative and judicial issues

Promote social and professional reintegration of mothers by:

  • Facilitating reintegration into their family
  • Orientate the women to various training/education
  • Working for the recognition of the identity and dignity of abandoned children
  • Organize awareness campaigns on human rights
  • Tutoring in partnership with the authorities
  • Offering support in court to defend the women and children in difficult circumstances

Develop and promote professional cooperations with:

  • National and international associations, helping mistreated children
  • Ministries and Public Administrations concerned and with international organizations to improve the difficult situation for women and children in the world and defend their rights